The hair implant or hair transplant is in increasing demand among women, since in general they accept hair loss less than men, given the aesthetic and cultural connotations that this fact entails.

However, in the case of women, the cause of unusual hair loss must be carefully considered. First, the cause must be identified and treated appropriately. In general the origin must be found in hormonal imbalances and specific pathologies.

FUE technique with women

When we talk about applying the FUE technique to women,  the crux of the matter is shaving.  Practically all patients are reluctant to shaving due to the radical change of image in the medium term that this entails.

For those patients who do not want to shave their heads and opt for the FUE technique, small curtains or “flaps” with hair can be left and  camouflage the shaving areas. This can be carried out in those cases where we foresee that the grafts obtained from these donor areas more limited in extent, will be sufficient to cover a given recipient area.

It is important to inform the patient of the entire process and the fact that if she does not want shaving, the hair donor area is more limited and therefore the recipient areas must be small.