What do we understand by transplant without shaving?

When we use this term, we refer to the transplant that we perform without the need to shave the recipient area (where we will place the grafts). But it is necessary to shave the donor area to extract the follicles.

Do I need to shave my hair to perform a hair transplant?

The answer is “it depends on the case.”

Most cases of hair transplant using the FUE technique will require shaving the head to carry out the surgery in the best possible conditions. Cutting the hair will depend on the follicular units to be transplanted and the circumstances of the patient. It is not the same to propose a surgery for a patient who needs to densify only the entrance area as another patient who needs to densify the central region of the head and crown. Nor is the case of surgery in a male the same as in a woman.

Shaving the head involves

  • Better vision of both donor and recipient areas.
  • The process of grafting the follicles will be more effective, since the areas in need are better appreciated.
  • It reduces the risk of the follicles to be implanted getting caught in the long hair of the patient.
  • Facilitates the hygiene process of the head during the intervention.
  • Facilitates post surgical washes.
  • It facilitates the evaluation of the progress of the surgery and its final result.