What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is an aesthetic procedure for highlighting or correcting certain parts of the body through the application of pigments to the skin.

The result is semi-permanent as certain factors, such as ageing or exposure to sunlight, may modify the colour’s resistance.

Which patients are candidates for micropigmentation?

Any patient who wants to improve certain areas, such as eyebrows, lips, eyes, or who needs reconstruction in other areas, such as scars from previous surgery. Other patients choose micropigmentation to create permanent make-up that is resistant to bathing in the sea, perspiration and showering. Another application for micropigmentation is for creating the effect of density on certain parts of the hair, or for creating a “close cropped” hair effect for patients who request it.

How do we perform our Alicante micropigmentation procedure?

To perform this procedure, we use a rotary machine which uses a very fine needle to apply the pigments into the skin. In some areas being treated, a local anaesthetic is applied to minimise any discomfort to the patient.

The duration of the procedure will depend on the area being treated. Normally, more than one session is performed (2–3, or as many as a person requires) to achieve the desired colour intensity.

As with any other aesthetic medicine procedure, the procedure is performed abiding by strict disinfection and sterility measures.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique whose objective is to correct or reconstruct an eyebrow with little hair or that is lacking hair altogether. It is performed manually by drawing hair and recreating a very natural effect. Microblading uses a small metal pen, which is similar to a scalpel, to create fine lines that imitate the shape of a hair.

What are the differences between microblading and micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation penetrates the skin more deeply (between the dermis and the epidermis), and microblading is more superficial (only the dermis). Therefore, micropigmentation is considered to be more permanent make-up, and microblading is less permanent.

Should I carry out any specific care after micropigmentation?

After the session, the area is cleaned and disinfected. Normally, it is not advisable to expose it to direct sunlight or certain chemical products that may affect the pigment used.
After the session, sometimes a cream is recommended to help the area to heal.

Could an allergic reaction or other health problem arise from this technique?

As hypoallergenic pigments are used, it is very rare for a person undergoing the micropigmentation technique to present with any kind of allergic reaction.
The main advantage of having this procedure carried out in a medical centre is that, if a health problem should occur, the health personnel at the centre are qualified to respond to it.

What is tricopigmentation or capillary micropigmentation?

Our Alicante capillary micropigmentation or tricopigmentation service is a technique that consists of the insertion of pigments into the scalp to improve its aesthetic appearance or to repair scars.
Normally, 3 techniques are performed:

– Thickening effect: the aim of this technique is to create an “optical illusion” of greater hair density on the scalp. It can be performed as a single treatment or to complement a capillary transplant.

– Close-cropped effect: this technique attempts to improve the aesthetic appearance of patients who present with very advanced alopecia and who are advised against a capillary transplant, or for patients who want to wear their hair close-cropped. It will make the area look denser by simulating close-cropped hair.

– Scar correction: this technique is reserved for patients who present with scars on the scalp. Whether from previous surgery (poorly preformed capillary transplants, surgical interventions) or trauma from a traffic accident.

What is the objective of the Alicante micropigmentation treatment?

– Restructure the shape of the lips

– Total or partial colour enhancement of the lip contour

– Correct asymmetries

– Give a gloss to the lips

What is the objective of the Alicante micropigmentation treatment for the eyes (eyelids)?

– Create a fuller eyelash effect

– Draw in eyeliner

– Optically correct eyelid drooping

– Highlight the beauty of the eyes

What is the objective of the Alicante micropigmentation treatment for the eyebrows?

– Recreate the shape of the eyebrows “hair by hair” when this does not exist or is very fine, short or thin.

– Achieve perfect lifting of the area around the eyebrow, raising and giving expression to the eyes.

– Harmonise both eyebrows when there is asymmetry between them and correct their colour or shape.

All the micropigmentation, tricopigmentation and microblading techniques are performed as medical consultations following strict medical hygiene protocols.

At all times, patients have access to technical advice and are under the supervision of Dr Pérez.

I made the right decision, both for personal and professional treatment, I was delighted with the final result. They guided and advised me throughout the process. Very professional.
Cliente Injerto Capilar Alicante
Armando Andreu