Hair loss (alopecia) is one of the most frequent queries in aesthetic medicine clinics. To treat this problem, there are currently a multitude of therapies with proven scientific evidence (oral and intradermal antiandrogens, oral and topical minoxidil and within cellular therapies we find PRP).

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP or platelet-rich plasma or “biostimulation with autologous plasma rich in growth factors” consists of the application of the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma fraction to a tissue to promote its regeneration or stimulate its growth. To do this, blood is drawn from the patient himself and centrifuged to separate the platelet-rich plasma fraction. This platelet rich plasma (PRP) is activated so that platelets release growth factors. After that, the solution consisting of PRP and growth factors is infiltrated by microinjections in the area to be treated.

I loved downtown. The professionals who received me are very attentive. The doctor has a very professional treatment and throughout the process she carries out an exhaustive and correct follow-up. I recommend it 100%
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