The eyebrow serves to protect the eye from sweat (or rain) that flows on the face or from strong solar irradiation and, in general, from external aggressions such as dust or sand, also supporting the function of the eyelashes.

The eyebrows are essential to harmonize the features. The eyebrows, in addition, help us to form facial expressions in order to transmit emotions and feelings more precisely.

Microtransplantation of Eyebrows

Before performing a microtransplantation of the eyebrows, it would be necessary to carry out a preliminary evaluation to determine the possible cause of the loss of the eyebrows.

Among these possible causes are medical pathologies that should be previously treated to obtain an optimal result with the eyebrow transplant and others that would contraindicate the surgery.

Today, eyebrow transplantation is the only technique that has proven effective in recovering lost hair. But it presents a series of peculiarities that are worth taking into account, such as the angle of implantation of the follicular units or the number of hairs that each follicular unit must have.

To perform the eyebrow transplant, very small areas of the donor area (of the back of the scalp) usually have to be shaved. In consultation, the design of the eyebrows is made and the number of follicular units necessary to perform the surgery is calculated.